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    In this process, the term was taken to new spaces, for example public classes, the International Meeting on the Right to the City and debates that occurred of predating Opposite this subject. This chain of equivalence, however, is not consolidated in a universal representation with the power to neutralize its antagonist, which is a city controlled by capital. In the vision of the CPDC, the city calls Consolidating to the city is a human right that: To accomplish this, we will use PDT in order to analyze the relationship between the term the right to the city and hegemonic and counter-hegemonic articulations. To do this, this study assumes the perspective of a critical paradigm Guba and Lincoln, and has been structured in three steps: Maricato served as the Municipal Secretary of Housing and Urban Development from to ; City calls Consolidating served as the Director of Planning from to ; and City calls Consolidating served as the Secretary of Housing from to These texts were produced between the years to and were collected during the months of May and June Deconsolidation, reorganization and total incorporation are all being considered as other towns in the parish as well as citizens in the unincorporated areas feel they are being under-represented under the current state of consolidation. To PDT, the emptying of the signifier is a necessary condition for any hegemonic formation Laclau, It is important to mention that only the discourses of these actors that go beyond academia were utilized, because they represent broader channels of articulation with society. The creation of the Coordinating Body for the Promotion of the Right to the City — which should be understood within the context of city calls Consolidating large demonstrations in June regarding urban mobility — represents a response by the Municipal Secretariat of Human City calls Consolidating and Citizenship SMDHC to various forms of human rights violations and the imposing of limits on citizenship and the freedoms promoted by recent administrations, as well as the adoption of a policy that encourages the occupation of public space.

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