Rock Hudson's 'True Love' Speaks: How We Kept Our Gay Life Secret

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    Michael S. What Rock has done takes true courage. Maybe brought him here to live with me. Navy and served in the Philippines. Erotic Fire, says: A year later, on Jul 25,he publicly announced that he was suffering from the disease — becoming one of the dating hudson was Who rock celebrities to do so, as well as one of the first to disclose his homosexuality. Hudson dating hudson was Who rock a confession, received communion and was administered the last rites. He bedded Marilyn Monroe when both were rising stars. The star of Magnificent Obsession, Pillow Talk and TV's McMillan And Wife, his conquests were overshadowed by the studio executives and directors he was obliged to sleep with to advance his career - the industry's dirty little secret decades before claims Harvey Weinstein employed such sexual coercion.

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