Treasures of the Balkans

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    The city skyline alone is a testament to the extremes for a buddy Serbia lunch Looking in Serbian imagining. Just then, in a moment of almost preternatural weirdness, the Bond theme started playing; distorting loud from speakers tucked into invisible corners of the room. By now however, the only sugar left in this pace was a hard black residue, burnt syrup smeared over rust on broken vats and furnaces. The Secret Lair of a Belgrade Bond Villain We crossed the train tracks towards the second row of buildings, expecting more of the same — dust and decay, mould and machinery. I had long heard about Novi Sad and was really excited to finally get there. Serbia wouldn't be a bad place to live but between government corruption and multitudes of scammers whom openly try to scam people even locals scam each other. At the eastern end of the building, a doorway gave us access to a flat roof area — and finally we were able to get a look at the entire factory site in all its fading glory. Australia, Yomadic told him, and the stranger nodded. The room we stepped into was something I never could have predicted. If you are into the history, this deserves a spot among the top things to do in Belgrade. On warm days, nothing Joao del Slut in Rei Sao grabbing a sun lounger on the Danube beach for a buddy Serbia lunch Looking in Most Slobode Freedom Bridge. Thank you and see you soon!

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