Old Nokias Are Being Used As Vibrators By Indian Women Reveals Survey; Company Declines To Comment

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    Buzzes nicely, but hard to charge. The Nokia and the Iroha Mini by Tenga. She had a very pleasant for sex in Nokia Just. She's a spiritual storyteller who will tell you every agonizingly gross detail of her life in a magnetizing fashion. And go I did. That [type of for sex in Nokia Just was normalized in my household. I tend to look for partners that match my lifestyles and my behaviors so that there's never a reason for [conflict] or a reason for guilt. The rumor recently resurfaced after Agents of Ishq, a sex positive site in India, surveyed women and found many claimed their old Nokia was the best tool for the job. It really has allowed us to do more with less. According to the Homemade Sex Toys website, there are ways to use any cell phone as a vibrator. Advertisement The other thing that took some time was figuring out how to keep the phone vibrating long enough to make my bits even tickle.

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