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    And of late, the lines between sex and gender are becoming more blurred as people are becoming more comfortable identifying as transgender — or with a gender that is not consistent with their sex. Bem then asked the children a variety of questions. Once children begin to think about gender as a stable trait, they also start to incorporate gender into their own identity. By contrast, sixty-nine per cent of sexually active youth who say that they most often follow the counsel of a parent or another trusted adult consistently use protection. Gender is what actually gets expressed — how we look, how we act and how we feel. More than half of those who take such pledges—which, unlike abstinence-only classes in public schools, are explicitly Christian—end up having sex before marriage, and not usually with their future spouse. While sex is determined by what is written into the chromosomes or what is dictated by our biology, known as genotype, it is the interaction between the genes genotype and the environment that determines gender. For example, in a well-known study, psychologist Sandra Bem showed preschool-aged fuck Blue Girls in wanting to three photographs of a male and female toddler. The gulf between sexual belief and sexual behavior becomes apparent, fuck Blue Girls in wanting to, when you look at the outcomes of abstinence-pledge movements. A handful of social scientists and family-law scholars have recently begun looking closely at this split. What is gender?

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