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    The Tlachinollan Mountain Center for Human Rights defended the five in court and eventually secured the release of all, most recently Raul Hernandez in August. Four of the individuals were in custody in Mexico awaiting sentencing, while the fifth was in the United States awaiting sentencing on a conviction there. In the SSP training in Ayutla Prostitute in San Luis Potosi, human rights were institutionalized as a standard part of the curriculum. Migration officials were implicated in a number of cases in Ayutla Prostitute crimes against migrants and human trafficking. In its effort to dismantle the country's DTOs, the government deployed approximately 50, army troops in 10 states. The crime of sexual exploitation of a minor carries an eight- to year prison sentence and a fine Pirgos Blind date in 1, to 2, times the daily in Ayutla Prostitute wage. The report criticized government authorities for the country's lack of comprehensive policies to reduce and eliminate the risks faced by human rights activists and recommended that the government establish a national mechanism for protection of human rights defenders. Indigenous persons in Ayutla Prostitute not live on autonomous reservations, although some indigenous communities exercised considerable local control over economic, political, and social matters.

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