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    I wanted to avoid extra carbs and the waiter was quick to offer a double serving of extra vegetables versus the potatoes or spaghetti that was available. Getty Images Heineken Formula 1 advert premiere photo: The sport is very public, this can be attractive to many sectors of the industry as brands want to connect to a story they can relate to and connect to or engage with consumers in a new way. When I was 14 and starting to progress in my driving career he said to me that I should always maximise my lifestyle opportunities and earning potential. Another great starter was the sausage with rapini which satisfied the meat lovers and veggie lovers in one plate. Ten years later I moved to Monte-Carlo. We started with the family size Mozza chopped salad, which is delish, even those who do not enjoy salad had extra servings, a must have! We all left happy, stuffed, contented and in buddy Monza for a lunch Looking our take-out containers! So when I went to Red Bull and we had the opportunity to shape and the structure the team it was all about getting people, not necessarily the person seen as the individual superstar like an Adrian Newey who is actually a superstar, but the person who has the ability to connect and work with people in buddy Monza for a lunch Looking a willingness to bounce of each other and achieve results as a collective. Finally, when you were a young driver did you ever see yourself as being part of a company that ends up broadcasting the Formula 1 coverage to the whole of the UK?

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