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    The natural vegetation in the Huron-Ontario Section is dominated by mixed wood forests. The Niagara Escarpment dominates the physiography of the town and greatly influenced the pattern of glaciation in Hills Prostitute Halton the region. It is a transitional type between the in Hills Prostitute Halton deciduous forests in Hills Prostitute Halton the northern coniferous forests. The Escarpment, formed by erosion over millions of years, is a high relief bedrock scarp which trends to the north through the central part of the town. This is a fine township, containing excellent land, and many good farms, which are generally well cultivated. To the southeast below the Escarpment, is a smooth glacial till plain partially bevelled by lacustrine action, which forms part of the South Slope and Peel Plain physiographic regions. The woodlands are mainly deciduous forest and the wetlands are either cedar swamp or cattail marsh. The quarrying of limestone has been undertaken since the 19th century, and the lime industry was once quite prevalent. Red shales of the Queenston Formation underlie the eastern half of the town and are generally covered by more than 15 m of glacial sediments, predominantly the Halton Till. Overall, Halton Hills consists predominantly of agricultural lands with scattered woodlands and wetlands.

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