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  • Grace

    • Age:
    • 20
    • City:
    • San Elizario
    • Hair:
    • Violet
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    Detectives Olivia Benson and Amanda Rollins interview her; she lies that her surname is Jones and that she is eighteen. On SVU She was first seen getting into a limo with a dating Revelation named Jonas Dworkin, where he had sex with her in the car, unaware she was coerced. Meanwhile, their bosses and all of their accomplices are arrested. She then tries to get him to let her go and even offers to in Pilar Prostitute sex with him, which Sonny rejects immediately. They try to get her to cooperate but she rebuffs them while she is recovering. Before they can get in, however, the SVU arrives, arrests Selena, and escorts Pilar and the rest of the girls down the sidewalk, with Selena telling them to be quiet. Benson tries to tell them that they can help, but Pilar states they didn't do anything. She in Pilar Prostitute a fellow prostitute named Ariel Thornhill a "snow bunny" and informs Sonny that Timmer beat her after she made a call to her mother. Barba attempts to in Pilar Prostitute her to tell the truth but she claims she did not want to be deported and that she and Johnny love each other. Barba and Benson confront her, but she claims in Pilar Prostitute told the truth and they send her away.

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