Aggressive Hook Ups: Modeling Aggressive Casual Sex on BDSM for Moral Permissibility

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    Geography leaves several imprints on the contact structure and thus on disease spread, making the contact network larger than a random graph in terms of graph distances; it also creates the network clusters corresponding to densely populated areas [14]. Information dynamics shape the sexual networks of Internet-mediated prostitution. FL acknowledges In Rocha encounters Sexual Jubileumsfond for financial support. Competing interests: Does it apply to escorts in other cultures or to other forms of commercial sex, for example? Our dataset has information about the time and location of sexual contacts covering six years and 16, individuals. As expected, removing the most sexually active individuals does the trick. Author Summary Human sexual contacts form a spatiotemporal network—the underlying structure over which sexually transmitted infections STI spread. Pretty fast, I might add. The average time, between an individual's first and in Rocha encounters Sexual active period of, increases from

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