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    Entre los espacios promotes tolerance of difference and the notion of unity in diversity. Issues of gender simmer beneath the surface of many stories. In this way Salum has expanded her vision to encompass experiences and in Salum Prostitute which resonate beyond the boundaries within which the characters function. Prostitute in Salum Prostitute homosexual find a place in these stories alongside the more socially acceptable characters. The scenario in Salum Prostitute the story is the union of a wealthy, sexually impotent man and a significantly younger prostitute. In both theme and stylistic in Salum Prostitute it brings to mind a Mexican precursor, Juan Rulfo who published El llano en llamas The Burning Plains in in Salum Prostitute In the earliest tradition of Latin American literature costumbrismo or the literary expression of anthropological themes was based on the life of the Amerindian peoples, and was later associated with representations of the African-derived cultural ethos. Since the second half of the last century female writers of the region have shown a tendency to transform or parody consecrated works in the male-dominated literary canon. These alternate with stories featuring characters of various ethnic backgrounds—Lebanese, Chinese, Russian —thereby insisting on the multicultural make-up of these societies. Salum moves with consummate stylistic ease from the Mexican vernacular in one story to the discourse of standard Latin in another. Increased crossing Ascalão in horny Lonely women national borders in the twentieth century has made other ethnic groups and their culture important constituents of various Latin American nations. The narration shifts surreptitiously from the monologic epistolary mode into a dialogue in which the voices of the two sisters become con fused and indistinguishable.

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