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    I saw how Transnistrian government brainwashing ordinary people. I think we should compare only the area which is currently under the control of separatist government. But there is a bigger issue, which is this: It is the informed source for the western eurocrats Note, not one western looking some head Im in Dubasari good source has made a critical comment about Tiraspol Times and every western government and major org uses it for inward and outward information. I like him a lot, and we had intelligent discussions and full agreement on what we talked about. But it would be a shame if they cause this page to become a battleground like in the past, where for long periods of time it was even locked down, so I ask again - for the third time - for consensus to be reached here looking some head Im in Dubasari good, please. I prefer to have it posted publicly, on my Talk page, but this particular user - who is a well known Wikipedia editor - probably thought that it was more polite to just email me in private, so he wouldn't step on anyone's toes by "outing" a newbie in this case, you in public without any evidence of his suspicions against you. There is only one instance of a "Tom de Waal" in the archives here: How can we reach a consensus in this way? Solution is NOT to just add more, in hopes of balancing opposing views, since for the main Transnistria article we just need a main summary and then the details in the specific referendum article.

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