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    There he met two girls who Paraiso Prostitute in desperate for silicone breast implants. Catalina dreams of a life of luxury, just like her friends, Paola, Ximena and Vanessa. Later on, while on regular hitman duties Byron is caught and killed by the police. A version with on-screen English subtitles debuted on Mun2 in Plot[ edit ] Catalina Santana Carmen Paraiso Prostitute ina young woman in Pereira, Colombiais willing to risk everything in order to escape the poverty she lives in and Paraiso Prostitute in her dreams - even if this means putting her life and her integrity in jeopardy. According to Bolivar, he didn't imagine it would come to touch on a universal theme: She decides to search for someone who can pay Paraiso Prostitute in or finance her surgery of silicon breast implants since, according to her belief, this will provide her the fame and wealth she longs for. Story[ edit ] 'Without Breasts There Is No Paradise' tells the story of year-old Catalina, a gorgeous young girl who descends into a decadent world of easy money as a teen prostitute "pre-paid girl". Leaving Catalina poor again.

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